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Aroma soak

Aroma soak

This 4oz  Aromatherpy bath mix is filled with peace & healing benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety, depression and headachces . The mix will manage pain ,sooth sore joints , improve sleep and overall mood .


4oz All is Well mix that relieves; dry skin, maintains skins natural barrier, alkalize and exfoliates rough skin areas (knees, elbows , and heels) . Contains protein and vitamins while improving skin hydration, tone and texture. 


4oz All-Natural gentle scrub that is made to help improve skin and circulation. it cleanses the skin, balances excess sebum (the oily, waxy substance produced by your body's sebaceous glands), reduces large pores, inflammation, the appearance of skin imperfections, and stress while fighting off bacteria. This scrub can also treat eczema, heal wounds, treat acne and detoxify the skin. contains flowers and essential oil .


Choices :Rose , Lavender , Calendula , All is Well  , SugaScrub ( Add which one(s) you would like in the notes )

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